Business License

Starting a Business in the City of Upland

The City of Upland welcomes you to its business community. Starting a business can be exciting and challenging. We wish you success in your new venture!

The City of Upland requires all businesses operating within the City limits, including property owners and independent contractors, to obtain a business license and to pay the business license tax prior to commencing business operations.

There are many things you should consider when starting a business. The goal of this web page is to help the new business owner understand the Business License process. You can also download a Business License Handbook to help you get started. The handbook is intended to guide you through the business approval process and includes a list of other agencies you may need to contact when starting your business. The following documents will assist you with the process:

Business License Application

Fee Schedule

Documentation Requirements

If you need further assistance or help applying for a business license, you are welcome to contact us at or by phone at (909) 348-0460. All questions and applications are now processed online or over the phone.

Are there any restrictions on where I do business?

Every business operating from a location inside the City of Upland must meet zoning requirements to ensure that the business activity and site are compatible. All new businesses located in the City must complete and submit a Zoning Clearance Application. Please submit all zoning related documentation to the Business Support Center with your Business License Application.

What is a Business License?

A business license is an annual tax for doing business within the City limits of Upland. The City of Upland Municipal Code requires that you obtain a license when you conduct any business activity within the City, even if your business is located OUTSIDE the City limits or you have a business license from another City. Any business based in the City must have a license as well. This includes home based businesses, building contractors, independent contractors, and non-profit businesses.

Conducting business in the City without a license can result in citations and fines.

Business license fees help pay for City services like roads, fire, police and other community services. These services benefit businesses, business owners, and the general public.

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